Nimiq Sunset Cyberspace

Score points, beat your own records and earn as many NIM as you can meanwhile

Nimiq Multi Cashlink

Create and manage multiple cashlinks on one site

NIM Pools Hub

A place where new miners can start mining NIM in the easiest way possible

NIM Pools Hub Miner

CPU/GPU Nimiq GUI Miner. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux

NIM Pools Hub App

Nimiq Pools monitor for Android, check your miner realtime, receive notifications on new payout, etc.

NIM Tip Bot

A Tip Bot to Tip Humans using the Nimiq tech. Tips are decentralized and each tip is processed on chain. Every user is in total control of their wallets even if the bot is offline

Nimiq Shortener

Short your longs URLs and earn NIM sharing the shorted URLs

Web Miner Addon

Nimiq Web Miner with a pretty UI and easy to install and use. Get revenue from your website's visitors


How Many Threads Should I Use for mining without affecting UX